The Secret of the Tshirt Pillow.

Are you thinking of purchasing new pillows or cases? You don’t need to. You can make new pillow covers to cover the old ones or create brand new pillows yourself. Make any size pillowcases for any occasion. Use the old pillowcases for a pattern and take your old tshirts out of the closet. Use several tshirt designs in a quilt pattern to achieve the dimensions you need or use one shirt if it’s large enough. If your old pillowcases are ugly and worn, this is a great way to spruce things up and change the overall look of your room or space.Examine the tshirt’s design to pick the right logo or colors. A bed pillow was made to give support and comfort to the human body and head, so you don’t have to change the pillow structure itself, just the cover.

Many decorative pillows are full of poly down stuffing to supply excellent form and a soft feel if you want to fill it yourself. You will need to leave an opening in the pillow seam to stuff it and hand sew it shut.Your pillows can square, rectangular, or round. Know roughly where you’re going to set your pillow when you are finished with it so you can select a fabric and design that will look good in that area. With plenty of soft, attractive pillows around, be prepared for children to pounced upon them. One of the chief reasons people love t-shirts is due to their comfortable, stretchy material. That is why they are perfect for pillow coverings and quilts. What a fantastic gift idea too! It is useful and keeps memories alive.

Maybe you already know how to create a t-shirt pillow. You may be ready to try making a t-shirt quilt to go with it. Practicing your quilting on a smaller project first is ideal. Make your pillow cover using smaller tshirt fabric pieces until you get the right dimensions for the full pillow cover. Work on getting consistent seams and ironing them flat to connect each one. If the process seems tedious, you know you can contact a quilting company to do the quilt for you. It takes time and patience, as well as a few tools for larger sewing projects.

A quilt will take much more shirts to construct. If you don’t seem to have enough, don’t worry, a piece of material can be used for borders between shirts and backing. Both sides will be made of equal size and should have batting in between. You will have a soft, warm blanket to keep you warm or a unique piece of art for your wall.Go online to discover the many quilting companies that can help you with quilting supplies, ideas, and assembly of tshirt pillow and quilt sets. It will be one of the most unique projects you will ever complete for yourself or as a gift. It’s value as a keepsake may have the family handing it down for years.