The Number One Question You Must Ask about Urgent Care

When you need urgent care in Fort Collins, you will quickly need to determine how dire your situation is. Being aware that urgent care is not emergency care is crucial. While urgent care can treat a wide variety of traumas and illnesses, it should not replace the emergency room or 911 in life-threatening instances.

Despite the fact that they are becoming more common, many people are not fully informed about the availability, capabilities, and benefits of urgent care. It is appropriate when you experience an illness or injury that necessitates care within one day. You can use urgent care for medical issues that require attention but are not severe enough to require a visit to the emergency room.Unlike the ER, urgent care facilities may not be open 24 hours a day.

If you choose to go to an urgent care clinic, urgent care Fort Collins you should check the hours to be sure you aren’t wasting time and go straight to the ER, or wait until your doctor is available. However, many urgent care providers try to stay open during weekday evenings and weekends, and some do stay open around the clock. Most will post their hours online, enabling you to check before your head out. The services provided by urgent health clinics are generally much less expensive than a visit to the emergency room.

Urgent care centers provide an alternative to emergency rooms when your life is not at immediate risk. When you go to an urgent care clinic, it should provide the needed services to treat any pressing medical situation that is not life-threatening.Urgent medical service providers offer high-quality healthcare to their patients and are ready with professional and thoroughly trained medical staff.

Most will use the same diagnostic tools and services that are available to emergency room doctors. On-site lab services are readily available to help ensure the right diagnosis is reached swiftly and accurately. An urgent care center is extremely helpful when you are eager to learn what your diagnosis is and to receive treatment quickly.

Urgent care visits tend to be faster and less expensive than emergency room visits. Studies have shown that over 80% or urgent care visits last less than an hour. Other studies suggest that the same illness can cost three times as much to treat at the emergency room.

There are, however, situations in which a visit to the emergency room is called for. These include chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, head trauma, signs of stroke, a high fever or fever with rash, and severe or uncontrollable bleeding. In infants, any fever may require an ER visit. Experts recommend trusting your gut: If you feel the situation requires immediate medical attention to preserve life, then go to the emergency room. In all other cases in which you need medical attention within 24 hours, a visit to your local urgent care center in Fort Collins is a smart choice.