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it will be very difficult to cut a lot of resistance but now I use the anchor to make my point and when you do lift up a glass if you’re by yourself and you’re used to leaning too much on the on the hood try to put a little pad or something because it will make a dent in the hood so be very very careful now when I have a lot of dirt I prefer to vacuum instead of blower these coats right here as you can see this from my vacuum you could buy it from Home Depot or from a hardware store.

I believe for pools or something else just go home depot and ask for different types of hose and you’ll find it that way you have more blank a blue towel right at this moment as you can see you’re able to touch the your thing if it’s not that low if it’s too low and that’s you’re not going to be trimming.

Urine off of it then you don’t want to touch the earth and your best bonding change been your best mounting surface this freshly cut urethane so when you’re prepping right now everything move as much as rest Dustin when you do cut with a farmer life never leave flaps if you start your cuts finish it like go through otherwise you could have a little flap and the urethanes night when you go into that I like the fact that on this one the pillar cover sits very low so it allows you to cut very nice knife.

It’s on your way and you could push it off you don’t have to completely take it off this little spot right here it’s very rough so is he important to King it up very well that way you don’t have an air leak you see him up there we’ll take my time and it definitely does help when your blade is very sharp like right here I can’t reach any more so.

I’m keeping an eye making sure I’m I sit close to the headline there potentially make our cut in the headliner so you guys will see a little bit more videos for me since it’s summer school my sense here helping out so as you can see in this one what’s actually kind of high and I don’t push that off I’ll be creating some damage to the it’s nicely clean nicely cut quality like you don’t rush you always have a better quality of a job and you know you take your time you’re more concentrated I like to start by the passenger side because half my like my steps that helps me not to miss any steps so it’s good if I see that the urethane the older thing is very thin that means he doesn’t have a wide area where.